Whiteboard Film

Looking for a whole new way to fuel creativity and collaboration?

We’ve got you covered — with whiteboard film for walls and windows. Add functionality to your workspaces at a fraction of the cost of redesigning or adding new fixtures. These SOLYX® films are writable, washable, and can be applied to any smooth surface, including walls, windows, glass partitions, or desks. They are excellent tools for brainstorming, collaborating, providing reminders, posting schedules and deadlines, and for inspiring your team.

Choose Your Option & We’ve Got Your Whiteboard Film

  • White Walls

    If you want to turn an entire wall into a giant dry erase board, then SX-2095 White Dry Erase for Walls is the right solution. Transform any smooth wall surface into a whiteboard. Perfect for conference rooms, private offices, and large shared workspaces.

  • White Glass

    Turn any glass surface, including glass walls and windows, into whiteboard surfaces with SX-2090 White Dry Erase for Glass.

  • Semi-Private Glass

    Dry erase boards don’t have to be white, especially if you want some translucency. We have dry erase films that add different levels of privacy to glass, while also being writable and erasable. Choose from SX-2020 Dry Erase Mist, SX-2040 Dry Erase Fog, SX-2060 Dry Erase Haze, and SX-2070 Dry Erase Etch.

  • Clear Glass

    SX-2080 Clear Dry Erase whiteboard film is totally clear, yet it functions just like any other whiteboard. It’s perfect for interior glass walls where you don’t require privacy.

  • Blackboard

    Just as the name implies, the SX-7876 Chalkboard Black film isn’t white at all. It looks like a chalkboard and is perfect for adding a retro look to any space. This black vinyl film has a chalkboard-li


Where to use Whiteboard Film

  • Offices

  • Walls

  • Conference Rooms

  • Windows

  • Classrooms

  • Glass Partitions

  • Homes

  • Hospitals

Reasons to Feel Good About Choosing SOLYX® Whiteboard Films

  • Made in USA

    Decorative Films LLC manufacturers all its decorative window film brands, including SOLYX®, in America.

  • Backed by Warranty

    SOLYX® films are backed by Decorative Films LLC with a standard five-year warranty.

  • Affordability

    Whiteboard film by SOLYX® is an affordable way to refresh the look of any interior space, while also adding functionality.


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