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Where to Use Security Window Film

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Safety is a top priority for any establishment or residence. Installing security window film can be a game-changer in increasing security and minimizing the risk of break-ins. It strengthens glass windows and doors, making them more durable and resistant to unforeseen circumstances such as accidents or natural disasters. The film is also highly versatile, making it a perfect fit for various settings such as homes, office buildings, and even schools. Read on to learn more about where to use window film products and how the enhanced security can be beneficial to your home, office, school, or retail establishment. 

Where to use Safety & Security Window Films

To effectively discuss where to use security film, it’s best to first answer: What is security window film effective at protecting? And the answer is that with 3M security films, you can protect not only your windows from shattering, but also your skin from harmful UV rays, your glass surfaces from vandalism, your eyes from too much direct sunlight, and much more. Below, we discuss some additional benefits and application ideas for security window film products.


We all love how glass brings in natural light and, thus, freshness and warmth into our homes. However, unprotected windows are more vulnerable as they are generally easier to penetrate than other areas of your home. With window film, windows and glass doors can still let plenty of natural light in, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that your home is still protected. Not only can window film provide peace of mind that your home is protected from intruders or flying debris from inclement weather. It’s also a great investment when it comes to the resale value of your property. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade the safety of your home without having to purchase entirely new windows. By investing in security window film, you’re protecting your home and your loved ones against the unexpected.


Security window film for the office can be used for external and internal windows for maximum protection. If your office has glass conference rooms or offices, window film can add an extra layer of protection if an intruder enters your office suite. For external office windows and doors, select a security window film with additional benefits like sun control. 3M’s Ultra Prestige Series blocks 97% of the sun’s UV rays and rejects heat,  which can also help reduce your business’ energy bills by helping to maintain the internal temperature of your space without relying on cooling systems.


Our schools – now more than ever – need to be protected. By installing security window film, schools can increase their safety measures without compromising a student’s learning environment. Security window film can protect against shattered glass caused by severe weather, accidental breakage, or even burglaries on school premises. It may also ward off potential attacks during emergency situations, such as break-ins or school shootings. Applied to glass on both external and internal doors and windows, window film is just one more way we can protect our youth.

Retail Storefronts

Retail storefronts can be targets for vandalism and break-ins. Some security products, like 3M Anti-Graffiti window film, can be an excellent choice for store owners looking to protect their assets inside their store and maintain their outdoor appearance.  With our selection of safety and security film products, store owners and managers can rest easy. After all, the items they put on display can stay unmarred from graffiti, break-ins, or even inclement weather.


Aesthetics inside and outside a restaurant are so important for its success, as is safety! Window film allows restaurants to maintain their visual appeal and their security by shoring up those glassy assets. Make your customers feel welcome, comfortable, and safe with security window film. Restaurants can benefit from the heat reduction, anti-graffiti, and privacy qualities offered by window film. They can also enjoy the shatterproof and anti-vandalism capabilities security films offer.

Let Mr. Tint show you what 3M Security Window Film can do for your home, office, storefront, or school. We have a number of 3M window film products to satisfy your commercial or residential building needs. Give us a call to find the perfect film for your space and start making your space safer for all who enter it.

Mr. Tint provides 3M Window Film installation to homes and businesses throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. As a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer, we offer only the highest quality materials and employ the most skilled technicians. Contact us for a free window film consultation.

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