Large glass building with window tinting and sun reflecting on it.

The Hidden Benefits of Window Tinting


While window tinting is sometimes barely visible to the naked eye, there are many benefits to applying this thin layer of adhesive film to glass in residential and commercial buildings. 

  • UV Protection
  • Fade Resistance
  • Maintains Visibility
  • Energy & Cost Savings
  • Improved Comfort
  • Enhanced Safety & Security

UV Protection 

You might think being indoors keeps you safe from the danger of ultraviolet rays. Unfortunately, while windows filter out some rays, they don’t offer complete protection. So when you’re sitting next to a sunny window in the afternoon, ultraviolet rays can still hit your skin. 3M™ Window Films are made to block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays, protecting occupants against skin damage, premature aging, and skin cancers. 

Fade Resistance 

Window film works to prevent the leading causes of fading: ultraviolet radiation, visible light, and solar heat. Although UV rays are the main culprit causing furniture, flooring, artwork, rugs, and other valuables to fade, heat and visible light are also significant contributors. Window film reflects heat, reduces visible light transmission, and blocks nearly all ultraviolet rays to keep your interior looking new for longer.  

Maintains Visibility

There’s a reason glass is a predominant architectural feature in homes and buildings. It lets in lots of beautiful natural light and allows views of the outside world. One significant benefit of using window film is that it enables you to maintain visibility, unlike blinds, shades, or curtains. 

Energy & Cost Savings 

One of the main benefits of installing window film is energy savings. By improving energy efficiency, window film also leads to cost savings. It reduces the strain on heating and cooling systems, reducing utility bills and saving energy. In addition, window film offers a quick return on investment through the cost savings it provides.  

Improved Comfort 

Window film reflects heat to reduce uncomfortable hot spots and keep the cool air inside where it belongs. Insulating window film also works during the colder months to retain heat, ensuring homes and buildings stay warm. All year long, you can improve comfort through window tinting. Not to mention, window film reduces glare to improve comfort, reduce eyestrain, and prevent headaches. 

Enhanced Safety & Security

You may not be able to tell by looking at them, but certain window films are designed to enhance safety and security. As shattered glass poses a safety risk, safety and security film holds glass together in the event of a potential break-in, burglary, or natural disaster. By adhering the glass shards together, window film can improve building security or home security to keep occupants safe and allow extra time for evacuation in an emergency. 

Let Window Film Work for You

With all the hidden benefits of window film, there are many advantages to installing it on the glass in your home or commercial building. Let window film work for you, blocking damaging UV rays, lowering utility bills, improving comfort, and more. Reach out today to our window film experts to get started and receive a free quote! 

Mr. Tint provides 3M Window Film installation to homes and businesses throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. As a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer, we offer only the highest quality materials and employ the most skilled technicians. Contact us for a free window film consultation.

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