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Radiofrequency Window Film for Cybersecurity

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In today’s modern age where everything is wireless and data is stored in the cloud, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Cybercrimes are on the rise, leaving companies and individuals vulnerable to hacking, identity theft, eavesdropping, or data leaks. You may think many of these attacks happen in a remote location, away from your home or business, but that’s not always the case. 

Cyber attacks can come in many forms, from pointing infrared microphones at windows to eavesdrop or using radio frequencies to infiltrate vulnerable devices. Buildings with lots of glass windows are more susceptible to these attacks, especially wardriving. Wardriving is where hackers cruise around, looking for unsecured wireless networks. They then hack these networks to steal information.  

One way to increase protection and improve cybersecurity is through radiofrequency (RF) window film. This type of window film helps block radio frequencies and infrared (IR) signals.

Using RF Window Film to Protect Classified Data 

Without window film, hackers can use radiofrequency emissions and infrared (IR) signals to access networks, eavesdrop, or obtain classified data. Radiofrequency protection film prevents the emission of these signals and blocks infrared intrusions. It also contains any bugs or other surveillance devices that may have found their way inside the premises. 

Adding window film can strengthen your cybersecurity measures to ensure your data is safe and protected. Although it’s not going to add the protection that comes from encryption or a firewall, it offers another layer of safety for those who might be more susceptible to these types of attacks. 

How RF Window Film Increases Cybersecurity

  • Blocks radio frequencies and infrared signals 
  • Isolates bugs and other surveillance devices
  • Stops RF/EMI transmissions
  • Prevents data theft, leaks, and eavesdropping

Other Benefits of RF Window Film 

Buildings with lots of windows are more exposed and vulnerable than closed-off spaces. RF window film can also be used to protect conference rooms or other areas with open glass that might need more privacy. Along with improving cybersecurity, there are a few other benefits that RF window film offers in addition to radiofrequency protection. 

Reduce UV & Solar Transmission

Most radiofrequency window film allows visible light through but will reduce UV and solar transmission. This can help cut costs on energy bills by keeping operations more efficient. 

Blast Protection 

RF window films also offer blast protection from outside threats. It holds the glass together upon impact to create a stronger barrier that’s more difficult to breach. 

What About Cell Service?

RF window film offers protection against radio frequencies, but it may also interfere with the cell service inside. While signal strength may be affected, it shouldn’t block out the service completely. There are other methods to increase in-building cell phone service if that is a concern. 

Why Radiofrequency Protection Is Important

With all the other security measures you have in place, it might seem that investing in window film for radiofrequency protection isn’t necessary. But what price would you put on your data? Cybersecurity is even more important for companies that handle sensitive and classified information or large amounts of data, such as financial institutions and government entities. How much would it cost your company’s reputation if confidential information was leaked? Allow the window tinting experts at Mr. Tint to help you create an additional safeguard around your data with radiofrequency protection.

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