school outfitted with security window film to increase school safety

Increase School Safety with Security Window Film

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School safety is a growing concern for decision-makers across the country. Students are exposed to potential dangers across school campuses every day. To prevent these potential dangers from becoming real threats, it’s critical that we provide students and faculty members with  safe and productive learning environments. One way to ensure that is with 3M Safety and Security Window Film. In this post, we’ll discuss the unique benefits of using 3M Security Window Film at your school and how it can increase school safety.

Windows: The Most Vulnerable Part of a Building 

Windows offer natural light and a connection to the outdoors, which helps to create a more comfortable and enjoyable learning space for students and faculty. However, they also pose a threat. Windows can be easily broken, giving intruders easy access into school buildings. While schools need windows to provide a functional learning environment for students, they also need to reinforce their windows to ensure student, faculty, and staff safety. 3M Security Window Film can provide this reinforcement and increase school safety.

How Does 3M Security Work?

3M Safety and Security Window Film adds a layer of protection to glass windows and doors. These specially-designed films hold glass in place should it be broken or shattered by an external force. This makes it a formidable barrier that is difficult to penetrate, which can deter criminals and buy extra time to react in an emergency. These films also reduce the likelihood of injury and damage caused by flying shards of glass. See 3M Safety and Security Film in action:

3M Security Film Products

Mr. Tint offers a range of 3M Safety and Security Window Film products that address different needs. With 3M’s innovative technology, these films are designed to fortify windows, creating peace of mind for school faculty, students, and families.

3M Safety Series

The 3M Safety Series offers basic protection with 7- and 8-mil polyester films that are paired with a special adhesive. This adhesive is strong enough to hold broken glass together, preventing dangerous shards from flying about. The films also come in a tinted variety for those who want an additional sun control option. 

3M Ultra Series

The 3M Ultra Series offers superior performance over standard polyester films in blast and impact events. With this safety film in place, up to 70% of visible light can pass through windows without altering a building’s appearance. This series is available in a clear safety film or a tinted film for added sun control. 

3M Ultra Prestige Series

3M Ultra Prestige Series combines benefits of security film with the sun control qualities of 3M Prestige Series Window Films. 3M’s Ultra Prestige Series is designed to hold shattered glass together in case of break-ins or severe weather. This is possible due to its micro-layered and tear-resistant Ultra Safety Film. This film also blocks heat and reduces hot spots by rejecting up to 97% of the sun’s infrared rays. As a result, the Ultra Prestige Series provides a safe and secure environment and ensures a comfortable space by reducing temperatures and minimizing harsh glares.

3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems

Take security to the next level and combine any security film with a 3M Impact Protection Attachment System. The Impact Protection Attachment System attaches the film to the frame of the window. Ultimately, this attachment creates a strong bond that significantly increases the level of protection for your building. 

Invest in School Safety Today with 3M Window Film 

With too many tragedies occurring in our schools today, we need to increase school safety by implementing every measure possible. 3M Safety and Security Window Film can provide an added layer of protection for schools, and we’re here to help. In today’s uncertain times, taking the extra step toward safety can create peace of mind for students, parents, and faculty members. So don’t wait to invest in safety and security – contact Mr. Tint today to learn more about our 3M Safety and Security Window Film products!

Mr. Tint provides 3M Window Film installation to homes and businesses throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. As a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer, we offer only the highest quality materials and employ the most skilled technicians. Contact us for a free window film consultation.

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