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Why You Should Reconsider Your DIY Window Tinting Project


From painting the walls and building furniture to constructing raised beds for your garden, many DIY home projects save you money and give you a sense of pride once completed. However, although DIY projects are fun, some of them are better left to the professionals. Window film installation is one of those projects. Even if you think you can tackle window tinting on your own, you will save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run when you hire a professional. Here’s why DIY window tinting may not be a great idea after all.

Time-Consuming & Costly

While you may think you’re saving money by installing window film yourself, you may actually end up spending more. The application process requires you to be incredibly meticulous so that the film lines up perfectly to your windows without bubbles or folds. Should you mess up, you may need to purchase a completely new film. Furthermore, this trial and error approach may even happen multiple times until — or if — you eventually get it right, resulting in wasted time and money. Paying a professional to do it right the first time may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, you’re actually saving yourself both time and money in the long run.

It Requires Immense Precision

The window film application process is tedious. For example, without properly cleaning your windows beforehand, the slightest speck of dirt can cause a bubble in your film. Imagine looking out your window expecting a clear view, only to notice a blemish on the film! Professional window film installers like the technicians at Mr. Tint undergo extensive training, allowing them to perfect their craft before they even touch a customer’s window. When professionals install your film, they have the proper tools and experience necessary for a flawless application.

High-Quality Window Film Needs High-Quality Installation

3M is the industry leader in window film manufacturing, offering only the highest quality of products. In order to maximize the benefits that 3M window film provides, it should be installed professionally. Another reason why so many homeowners choose 3M window film is that it’s backed by a comprehensive warranty when installed by an authorized dealer, which you may not receive when you install window film yourself.

Why Choose Mr. Tint?

At Mr. Tint, we carry 3M window films to provide customers with not only high-quality products but also superior service. As an Authorized 3M Window Film Dealer, our highly-trained installers provide you with a professional, smooth installation. Whether you’re interested in sun control, improved security, or enhanced aesthetics, allow Mr. Tint to do the work so you can kick back and enjoy all the benefits that window film has to offer.

While you may be a pro at around-the-house DIY projects, when it comes to window film, leave it to the professionals. Before you consider DIY window tinting, talk to one of our team members today to see why you should entrust your window tinting needs to Mr. Tint.

Mr. Tint provides 3M Window Film installation to homes and businesses throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. As a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer, we offer only the highest quality materials and employ the most skilled technicians. Contact us for a free window film consultation.

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