Sunny buildings in Charlotte that could benefit from anti-glare window film.

Boost Comfort with Anti-Glare Window Film

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Homes and commercial buildings with lots of glass are often admired for their abundance of natural light. Not to mention, they also provide ample views of the outside world for a more open-environment feel. However, if you’re working in a building full of glass or trying to watch TV in a sunny living room, the afternoon sun can be unforgiving. At certain times of the day, the sun casts a harsh glare on screens, making it difficult to see. Glare makes it hard to view screens, but it can also cause eyestrain, headaches, and discomfort. Increase comfort throughout your home or building with anti-glare window film. 

How Anti-Glare Window Film Improves Comfort

There are several ways anti-glare film works to improve comfort: 

  • Retains a Portion of Natural Light
  • Mitigates Glare 
  • Better Temperature Control 

Retains a Portion of Natural Light 

While blinds, curtains, and shades are one way to eliminate glare, they do so while eliminating natural light. Because natural light is one benefit of having lots of glass, covering up windows and doors to reduce glare seems counterproductive. Using anti-glare window film allows you to retain the sun’s natural light. In addition, studies show that natural light leads to an increased sense of comfort, as it is typically easier on the eyes than artificial light. 

Mitigates Glare 

The main purpose of anti-glare film is to reduce annoying glare. Because glare makes it difficult to see, it often causes eye strain and headaches. The last thing you want when you’re trying to work is a headache because you’re having difficulty seeing the computer screen in the bright afternoon sun. Anti-glare film minimizes glare, so you can keep working or watching TV at home without any discomfort! 

Better Temperature Control

Anti-glare window film is designed to work when the sun’s angle is just right to cast a glare. This makes it effective at reducing glare, but it also works to reflect solar energy. Darker tinted solar window films that are made specifically to block heat also have anti-glare properties. By reflecting solar heat away from your building or home, it’s easier to maintain comfortable temperatures. It can also reduce strains on HVAC systems that come with trying to keep up with fluctuating temperatures. Furthermore, better temperature control improves energy efficiency, leading to reduced energy bills and cost savings. 

Get Anti-Glare Film for Your Home or Business

Office buildings, commercial complexes, and residential homes can all benefit from anti-glare window film. Make building occupants feel more comfortable at work and increase productivity. Or never have an afternoon football game interrupted by the sun’s glare ever again! Reach out to our window film experts to discuss our product options and receive a free quote. 

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