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2022 Design Trends to Incorporate Into Your Home

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Now that we’re already two months into the new year, 2022 design trends are already starting to emerge. As the country is still going through a pandemic, design trends are shifting to keep up with changing needs. Impractical design is being traded for function, utility, and comfort as more of us are sequestered to our homes. This year, design trends center around creating calming atmospheres that promote peace and relaxation. Neutral will always be popular, but bolder colors are making a comeback. Here are some 2022 design trends you might want to incorporate into your space: 

  • Browns & Earth Tones 
  • Curves 
  • Biophilic or Natural Design
  • Multifunctional Spaces
  • Dark & Bold Colors 

Browns & Earth Tones 

Earthy, deep browns are one of the most popular design trends for 2022. According to Vogue, brown is the new white. The everlasting all-white everything trend is finally dying down in favor of rich, chocolate browns and terracotta oranges. Think warm and rusty tones that evoke comfort. 


Geometric shapes are out; curves are in. Round coffee tables, curved couches, and scalloped edges emanate a sense of softness and luxury. Whereas angular shapes can come across as harsh, curved and sculptural furniture is more welcoming and inviting. 

Biophilic or Natural Design 

Times are stressful, which is why recent design trends focus on creating calming spaces. As getting outdoors is one way to relieve stress, designers are starting to bring more natural elements into the home. Biophilic design is a fast-growing trend, which combines home design with natural elements such as gardens, indoor plants, fountains, and greenery. 

Multifunctional Spaces 

As many people have started working remotely on a permanent basis, the need for a functioning home office is higher than ever before. This has made multifunctional spaces somewhat of a necessity as families try to balance work, schooling, and everyday life. Homeowners are converting unused areas like attics, garages, and spare rooms into home offices, gyms, and craft rooms to give function to otherwise wasted rooms. 

Dark & Bold Colors 

Along with calming color palettes, dark and bold colors are returning with a vengeance. Funky and vibrant hues reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s brighten up spaces, bringing a sense of liveliness and fun to otherwise plain areas. 

With design trends fluctuating constantly, it’s challenging to stay current. Renovations are costly, disruptive, and not always practical. Decorative window film is incredibly versatile, coming in hundreds of patterns, colors, and opacities to match whatever design style you’re hoping to achieve. Not to mention, it’s affordable and unintrusive to have professionally installed.

Imitate Natural Patterns & Textiles

With decorative film, you can still add natural elements to your space. With a multitude of styles available, you can imitate natural patterns and designs to give your space a more peaceful ambiance. From bamboo to wood to greenery, there are plenty of styles to choose from, depending on your tastes.  

Adds Function & Utility

Window film isn’t just for looks, either. Window film is a great way to add privacy to spaces, whether it’s at home or at the office. Decorative or frosted film can enhance privacy on glass conference room walls, office doors and windows, or anywhere you might need it. Safety and security film can also add another layer of protection and help defend against natural disasters, accidents, break-ins, and burglaries.

Window film won’t just help you keep up with 2022 design trends. It can also add style, function, privacy, and security to residential and commercial areas. Reach out today to talk to a window film expert and receive a free quote.

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